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9 responses to “Contact”

  1. Tom says :

    I run a website that showcases new bands and I stop by your site from time to time to see who you’re talking about

    One of the bands on my site, Robotanists, is releasing a CD on the 9th and I think they’re something you might be interested in. Here’s a video we shot of them performing the “single” live.



  2. Steve says :

    You may want to check out the new project by guitarist Willie Oteri who is very under-rated to say the least. He is known more for his progressive works with King Crimson sidemen but his new project WD-41 is much more creative in my opinion. Very experimental.

  3. Derrick says :

    Have a listen to Gregory Hoskins. I know you’ll fall in love….

  4. Jill says :


    Thank you for the review of Sam’s wonderful “Cameras In The Sky” CD. I have listened to little else since it came out. She is the most amazing singer/songwriter of our times and my favorite artist.


  5. Josh Hurst says :

    Thank YOU, Jill, for your kind note!

  6. Darrell says :

    Ah, dude: I’ve been following this blog for the past two years, and I figure I disagree with about 85% of your content. But you say it so well, and with such passion! Consider me a fan. Excelsior!

    – Darrell

  7. Josh Hurst says :

    Hey Darrell– I’m always thrilled to hear from a reader– even one who disagrees! Thanks for the Nick Lowe shot-outs, by the way.

  8. Svein Nordrum says :

    Keep the good work up! Your blog is inspiring and enrichening..Thanks!


  9. woodenwells says :

    Great blog! I’m new to wordpress and just trying to figure out how to get as many people to see my page as possible. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look and letting me know what you think. After looking quickly through your page, I think you may like the music on mine.


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