Film Break: “The Ides of March”

A rare interlude for film this morning– and a mighty good one, at that. George Clooney’s The Ides of March is riveting, and surprisingly cynical. A very strong recommendation here, but perhaps not for those who who prefer to cling to some sort of political idealism.


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2 responses to “Film Break: “The Ides of March””

  1. oldsmobile98 says :

    Read your review at CT, Josh. My political junkie buddy took me to go see the movie yesterday.

    I think the movie nailed the D.C. scene fairly well; Washington lives and breathes on deals and compromise. It’s hard to stand on principle there; and even if you succeed in that goal, you’ll be ignored or marginalized (e.g. the elder physician from Texas).

    Two things about this movie really stood out to me.

    The first thing is that the abortion itself was considered a given. She knew she was going to go through with it (although I do recall her saying something to the effect of “I hate this s***”). Neither Stephen nor Mike Morris gave a flying fig about the kid. I’ll take the next step and say that a large portion of the film audience didn’t give it a second thought. Sign of the times.

    The second thing is rather more political than I ought to get on a friend’s blog, but I’ve posted it here if you’d like to read it:

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