Sam Phillips: “Solid State: Selections from The Long Play”

I’ve written quite a bit already about Sam Phillips’ Long Play endeavor– including reviews of each of the six release in the series– and it’s a testament to the richness of the music that I think there’s still plenty to say about the EPs and the album. In that spirit I may as well throw up the link to what will probably be the last of my Long Play-related posts; Sam is releasing a physical CD, Solid State: Selections from the Long Play, today, and I wrote a quick review of the disc for CT.

This is, of course, basically a greatest hits package– the “greatest hits” of The Long Play– but, since this project really had no chance of yielding any actual “hits,” I’m not sure exactly what the criteria for inclusion on this disc might have been. I will say that I think it’s a crying shame there’s no “Little White Feet” or “Leap Back to Earth” here, but the inclusion of “Tell Me” as the opener is enough to win the project my endorsement, at least for non-subscribers.


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