Drive-by Truckers: “Go Go Boots”

Little late with this one, but here it is: My take on the new Drive-by Truckers.

I’ve lived with this one for a while now, and I can’t help but feel a certain fondness for it. It’s uneven, to be sure, and there’s definitely material here that I typically skip over, but the mere reality of the courage and confidence it took to cut an album so outside of the norm, so given to their weirder inclinations, so utterly devoid of anything really resembling a rock and roll song– well, that impresses me. And some of the grooves are just killer.

To put it in perspective, I like it better than The Big To Do, and it’s certainly got more highlights than The Fine Print, but its lack of balance makes it a much lesser album than Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, which is still my favorite of their albums.

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