Moe Green: “Rocky Maivia: Non Title Match”

You’re probably familiar with the work of Rocky Maivia; you just might know him by a different name. He was born Dwayne Johnson, and began his career as a professional wrestler. He’s long since changed his name to The Rock — and then, seemingly, back to Dwayne Johnson — and made the jump from the ring to the silver screen. Make a list of all the lamest family-friendly Disney movies of the past few years and I’ll bet you’ll find that he’s been in roughly half of them.

Compared to The Rock, Maivia is an unassuming enough name for a guy with such a glitzy, flashy occupation, just as Moe Green is a pretty non-pretentious name for a rapper. That Green hails from the San Francisco Bay area — a region known for a particularly flashy, dance-oriented hip-hop scene — makes his rather low-key achievement that much more impressive. On Rocky Maivia: Non Title Match, Green presents a chill, agreeably lush and easy-going take on hip-hop that shuns glitz and glamour in favor of down-to-earth productions and rhymes that emphasize craft over gimmicks. In today’s hip-hop culture, that’s a respectably bold approach for an artist struggling to make it big.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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