The Innocence Mission: “My Room in the Trees”

My review of the new Innocence Mission, the charmingly titled My Room in the Trees, is posted at CT.

The Innocence Mission is a band that I have loved for a long time. I first became aware of them with 1999’s Birds of My Neighborhood, an album that I still regard as a masterpiece of purity and poetry. From there I worked backward in their catalog and came to cherish many of their earlier records– particularly the more pop-oriented Glow and the atmospheric Umbrella— and also Befriended, their very fine, meditative work from 2003. From there, I found their music to lose some steam; the couple of albums they released after Befriended both sounded like the work of a band running out of ideas and inspiration. But with My Room in the Trees, I feel excited about them again: It doesn’t have a lot of new ideas in it, I’ll grant, but its execution is so graceful and lovely that I can’t help but be won over by the album’s strong songwriting, its heartfelt poetry, and its sheer beauty.


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