Alejandro Escovedo: “Street Songs of Love”

My review of Street Songs of Love, the new album from Alejandro Escovedo, is posted today at CT. I’m afraid the review doesn’t capture just how stellar I think this album is; I’ve been an Escovedo fan for years now and this is immediately my favorite of his works. It’s certainly his best-sounding album, an unfussy, no-frills rock and roll set that’s tough, lean, and to the point; there’s no extra adornment here, just a top-notch band kicking up a mighty ruckus, with keyboards and harmony singers providing some additional dimension. Escovedo pulls out all the stops, from raging punk menace to glam-rock strut to heartland power chords. And what better way for Escovedo to celebrate his rock and roll abandon than with a collection of streetwise rock songs that celebrate love as both a destructive and a redemptive force?


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