Wovenhand: “The Threshingfloor”

I’m not sure you can talk about David Eugene Edwards’ music without talking about his theology. It’s not because he makes quote-unquote Christian music — really, it’s because he transcends it. Since he began performing as Wovenhand, Edwards has settled into a cozy niche on the farthest possible fringe of Jesus music, but back in his days fronting 16 Horsepower, he always found more support in forward-thinking Americana and alt-country circles than in CCM proper. No surprise there, since his songs sound more like murder ballads or gothic horror stories than praise choruses. Where a lot of Christian popular music amounts only to so much spiritually-minded feel-goodery, Edwards’ music will put the fear of God into you — literally.

His intensity reveals a lot about what he believes. I’m not sure that I could place him in any specific theological or denominational camp, but I do know this: He’s a fundamentalist, in the least politically-charged sense of the term. He believes the Bible is true. He believes God is a holy God, and perfectly capable of judgment and wrath. He sings about God’s awful grace, God’s sovereignty, and God’s often painful acts of providence. I’ll bet he’s a Calvinist.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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