The Year (So Far) in Singles

I tend to think about music in terms of albums– which, I freely admit, makes me a bit of a dinosaur in the iTunes era. My year-end (and year-half-over, etc.) lists have always been of full LPs, never of individual tracks. That’s largely because it’s just too darn hard to keep track of individual cuts, much less rank them, but in light of some recent, high-profile single releases by the likes of Arcade Fire and The Roots, I feel oddly inspired to celebrate my ten favorite singles of the year so far. If you’ve got iTunes credits to spare, check ’em out. And by all means, share your own picks in the comments section.

1. The Black Keys, “Tighten Up”

2. Josh Ritter, “Change of Time”

3. The Roots, “Dear God 2.0”

4. Elizabeth Cook, “El Camino”

5. The Tallest Man on Earth, “King of Spain”

6. Spoon, “I Saw the Light”

7. Peter Wolf, “Tragedy”

8. Gorillaz, “Stylo”

9. Janelle Monae, “Tightrope”

10. Big Boi, “Shutterbug”


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3 responses to “The Year (So Far) in Singles”

  1. Melissa says :

    Love the Spoon pick. I’d add something from The National and Band of Horses, too…

  2. Scott says :

    The Hold Steady…”The Weekenders”…

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