Jennifer Knapp: “Letting Go”

“Careful what you say/ Careful who might hear,” goes the first line of Letting Go, the first new Jennifer Knapp album in some nine years. If only she’d heeded her own advice. Never mind the fact that this is the first new Knapp in close to a decade. What’s sure to get more play with the press is that it’s the first new Knapp album since she broke the news to Christianity Today that she — beloved of the evangelical community — was a lesbian. And what a shame: amidst all the fuss about her lifestyle, her faith, her sexuality… well, whatever happened to the music? So it goes. Letting Go is destined, probably forever, to be known for its backstory, the actual music going largely underappreciated.

Without question, no one will be able to hear “Fallen” without thinking about… well, you know. It might be the first love song Knapp has ever committed to tape, and it’s a pure and beautiful one — its faint piano undercurrent tastefully recalling Coldplay, its lyric too elegant and heartfelt to play as a tawdry confession of tabloid sideline—not that that’s gonna stop anyone from hearing it that way, of course.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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