Daniel, Fred and Julie: “Daniel, Fred and Julie”

In the band’s native Canada — where at least one of the band members is modestly well-known — the moniker of Daniel, Fred & Julie might seem a bit coy; stateside, it’s basically a gesture of total anonymity, a non-descript non de plum for a group of musicians who are, frankly, nowhere near famous enough to need this kind of non-specific nomenclature to hide behind.

Not that it’s a big deal: actually, anonymity fits the music pretty well, which isn’t to say that it’s bland so much as it’s music that evokes a certain genre from a certain time and place, all the while immersing itself so fully in the form that it doesn’t evoke any particular artist or draw any attention to the three musicians who made it. Those musicians, by the way, are Julie Doiron, a Juno-winning indie songstress, and her collaborators Daniel Romano and Fred Squire. These two men appeared behind the scenes on Doiron’s last solo album, but here they — in particular Romano — run the show; Doiron doesn’t write any of the songs or play any instruments, but simply adds her voice to the mix.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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