Landmark Recordings: The 2000s

I’ve been doing this for about ten years now; my first published review was in early 2000, and I’ve been steadily listening and writing about music ever since. I loved music before 2000, of course, but, since donning my critical thinking hat and becoming an ever-aspiring music critic, I’ve explored music with greater and greater passion and, hopefully, knowledge. As a result, the music released in the past decade has a special place in my heart; look at my list of all-time favorites and you’ll notice a distinct bent toward the contemporary, a trend about which I am unashamed.

It’s hard to believe that this, the first decade of the millennium, is coming to a close. To mark the occasion– and to blaze a trail for my “favorite albums of the decade” list that will inevitably come in late December/early January– I’m starting a semi-regular series of posts, looking back at the landmark albums and trends that marked my own listening habits, one year at a time. And, taking a cue from Julie Andrews, I’ve decided to start at the beginning…

The Year 2000

The Year 2001

The Year 2002

The Year 2003

The Year 2004

The Year 2005

The Year 2006

The Year 2007

The Year 2008

(Note: There is no Landmarks post for the year 2009, but a list of my favorite recordings from that year can be found here.)


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