Rosanne Cash: “The List”

the list

Rosanne Cash’s The List comes with its own back story, one that nearly guarantees a very high level of quality, to say nothing of a built-in sense of prestige. As the story goes, a young Cash was handed a list of the hundred greatest songs ever written, by none other than her esteemed father; the songs contained therein provided the foundation for young Rose’s musical education, and now, years later, she’s whittled them down to a dozen favorites and recorded them for an album that says as much about her as it does the history of American popular song.

Now, this is a promising premise for a record, for a couple of reasons. For one, these songs are all hand-picked by Johnny Cash—obviously, a man who knew a good song when he heard one—and, because of the formative position they’ve played in the singer’s life, they’re obviously songs that she’s going to tackle with love and care. But even more obviously, these are some of the greatest songs ever written—songs so sturdily-constructed and time-tested, it seems nearly impossible that they could ever make for anything less than a very fine LP.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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