Monsters of Folk: “Monsters of Folk”

mof cover

It may be reductionist, but it’s nevertheless true: Monsters of Folk is indie rock’s Traveling Wilburys. So what if no one in the band is an archetype unto themselves, as Bob Dylan is, or possesses Roy Orbison’s gravitas, or George Harrison’s gifts as a tunesmith? In the niche world of indie music, there aren’t many who can claim superstar status, but Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James come close enough that Monsters qualifies, without question, as a bona fide supergroup.

There are other similarities to the Wilburys. They have their own multi-instrumentalist/uber-producer in Mike Mogis, here filling the Jeff Lynne role. Oberst was initially hailed as indie’s Dylan when he burst onto the scene under his Bright Eyes banner, and James himself recently recorded a tribute album to Harrison. In at least one respect, they even do the Wilburys one better: They play all of their own instruments—even the drums!

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