Film Break: What’s the best film of the 00s?

I’m not the first to pose the question, and you can bet I won’t be the last. With the end of the decade approaching, a lot of publications have plans under way to rank the best albums and films of the 00s. I hadn’t thought about naming a favorite movie of the decade myself, but when Paste Magazine recently asked their readers to vote on the matter, I realized– much to my own surprise– that it’s not a particularly hard question for me to answer. It’s not a film that I thought, at the time of its release, would ever top my best-of-the-decade list– in fact it didn’t even top my best-of-the-year list in 2007!– but right now there’s pretty much zero doubt in my mind: My favorite film of the last decade is this one:


I’m sure I’ll post some more end-of-the-decade film musings at the, um, end of the decade. For now: What would your choice be?



9 responses to “Film Break: What’s the best film of the 00s?”

  1. Brandon Fibbs says :

    Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

  2. Aaron Boynton says :

    Are we talking favorite or best? The two aren’t necessarily interchangeable.

  3. Ashley Whitehead says :

    Interesting. I never actually saw that one. I may have to check it out.

  4. Wilson says :

    Absolutely. For me, there’s not even a question that it’s this film

  5. James Waters says :

    That’s probably in my Top 5, but I’m not sure about #1…

  6. Scott says :

    lol, I knew you’d eventually change your mind Josh

  7. Josh Hurst says :

    Oh, I’ve ALWAYS loved it, Scott. My love for it has simply grown. A lot. (I ranked it #2 on my best of 2007 list, back in the day, behind No country for Old Men.)

  8. Doug says :

    Josh, it is fairly obvious that Day-Lewis’ NEXT film, Nine, will be the best of the decade. Come on, sir – I can’t believe you made such a glaring mistake.

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