Drive-by Truckers: “The Fine Print”

dbt fine print

The Drive-by Truckers have always been a band particularly cinematic in their focus. They’ve referenced John Ford in their songs, and they shoot their own Southern rock epics in sweeping, colorful Panavision. They’re also very prolific. It makes sense, then, that eventually, to bide some time between one opus and the next, they’d release a batch of bonus material and deleted scenes.

That’s what The Fine Print is. Think of it as the second disc in a DVD set, the one with all the supplemental material that explains or enhances the feature film. It’s not a story in its own right, but the Truckers have been weaving a story throughout their entire career, and it’s been good enough that they’ve earned our interest in this material, left – until now — on the cutting room floor.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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