Debating the Dead Weather


The staff of Stereo Subversion recently held an “internal debate” over The Dead Weather’s new record, Horehound, and I was happy to join in; turns out, I was one of the band’s most enthusiastic supporters. You can read the whole thing here, but if you just want my bit:

Jack White’s latest joint contains more references to the devil than any other rock record in recent memory — not too surprising, coming from the man who once gave us Get Behind Me Satan. But The Dead Weather’s music isn’t demonic; it’s just devilishly stylish, taking cues from swampy blues and the sleaziest, seediest rock the 1970s had to offer and transforming familiar sounds into bewitching gothic fairy tales and murder ballads, all sex and sleaze and boozy shoot-outs. The music’s scary-good, and the devil’s got nothing on Jack White.

Don’t forget tht my full review is posted here, as well.


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One response to “Debating the Dead Weather”

  1. jordan says :

    hey, thats the picture that ended up being the record’s album art! very sweet, love this band

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