What’s the greatest single of all time? (part 5)


The search continues– and what if the answer isn’t a certified classic, but something a little more conetmporarey? If we were to narrow our search to the current decade, I think this song would be pretty close to a sure thing.



3 responses to “What’s the greatest single of all time? (part 5)”

  1. Graveyard Fields says :

    Excellent selection! OutKast set a pretty high bar for every musician today… I feel with many of their songs if they’re not creating a new genre then they are totally reinventing one.

  2. thewritingwriter says :

    HA! I am currently involved in a Beastie Boys vs. Outkast war with David Yoder, he was ahead because that guy got cancer, but maybe your opinion will even the odds.

  3. The Grain says :

    If I may wade in, over on The Grain we doing a tunes of the decade http://www.whatisthegrain.com/tunes-of-the-decade/ and the beastie boys have already made it, that said we can’t rule out Outkast getting in the list and B.O.B is a bugged out classic!

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