The Felice Brothers: “Yonder is the Clock”


No discussion of Bob Dylan’s seminal sessions with The Band—known to any and all rock connoisseurs as The Basement Tapes—can ever go by without invoking Marcus Greil’s phrase “the old, weird Americana,” and that’s probably for good reason: No rock and roller before or since has conjured all the old spirits of American mythology, the surreal humor and cheerful tall tales of old country and blues and folk songs, as vividly as Dylan. Indeed, Dylan’s invocation of the old, weird Americana on The Basement Tapes is downright extraordinary; the invocation of Dylan’s invocation, significantly less so. Still, when it’s done well, it can still be pretty sublime—and there aren’t many who do it as well as The Felice Brothers.

Read the rest at Stereo Subversion.


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