Joe Henry’s Gift


I’m honored and delighted to say that the good folks at the IMAGE Journal have published the first installment of an essay I wrote about– who else?– the great Joe Henry. You can read it here; the second half is coming on Monday.

UPDATE: Here’s part 2!



5 responses to “Joe Henry’s Gift”

  1. DarkoV says :

    Love your reviews, though I’m still way, way out there on the limb with Dirty Projectors; may have ot do with David Longstreth’s, to this ear, unappealing voice. Lost of interesting stuff on that chalkboard, but his voice is too squealy a scraping chalk on that board.

    Have you, by chance, listened to Matthew Ryan? Based on your attraction to Joe Henry, you may want to give Mr. Ryan a listen. His latest is Matthew Ryan vs Silver State, a very solid effort, but I’d start with East Autumn Grin

    Keep up your great work!

  2. Josh Hurst says :

    Longstreth’s voice is certainly an acquired taste for some, though I never had a problem with it personally. Hope you warm up to it, though!

    And yeah, I have that MR vs. SS album, and it’s good. Will have to investigate the other one!

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