Eight reasons why March might be the best month ever.


8. We’ve already heard fantastic new releases from Buddy and Julie Miller, Mirah, Extra Golden, and Madeleine Peyroux.

7. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have bumped up the release of their terrific new record, It’s Blitz! It’s available from online vendors right now, and will hit store shelves shortly.

6. I’ve been listening a lot to Hospice, the new album from The Antlers, which released on March 3. I haven’t quite made up my mind as to how good it is, but it’s definitely something special, and possibly something great.

5. In the next few weeks, we’ll be getting new albums from Amadou and Mariam, Marianne Faithfull, Dan Deacon, and Gomez, all of which I can tell you right now are terrific.

4. A double-disc live album from Leonard Cohen.

3. Not just one, but two new records from Prince.

2. PJ Harvey, Mastodon, and Keith Urban.

1. U2— arguably the greatest band of the last two three decades, inarguably my favorite band of all time– has released a thrilling and surprising new album that stands alongside their best work. And yes, I think I might continue talking about it forever.

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One response to “Eight reasons why March might be the best month ever.”

  1. Gavin Breeden says :

    Also, my birthday.

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