The Oscar-Nominated Peter Gabriel

Kudos to Peter Gabriel for his well-deserved Oscar nomination for “Down to Earth,” the song he wrote with Thomas Newman and performs over the end credits of Wall*E. This nomination demands to be celebrated for a few reasons. For one, it is one of the only honors given to the film, which was criminally robbed of a Best Picture nomination. (Apparently, being one of the most well-reviewed and highest-grossing films of the year and being honored by many critics’ groups as the year’s best movie don’t mean much to the Academy.) Second, this is some of the only good news to emerge from what is, overall, a simply terrible group of nominees. And third, it’s the best song Gabriel has recorded in, like, two decades. It’s so nice to hear him return to spirited pop songwriting– now how about that new album, PG?


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2 responses to “The Oscar-Nominated Peter Gabriel”

  1. thewritingwriter says :

    Twas a good movie. Not really digging the song though.

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