A first time for everything…


I’ve been scanning a bunch of year-end lists– it seems like there are exponentially more of them with each new day– and, thus far, I’m not sure if I’ve seen any two lists with the same #1 pick. So you can imagine my surprise when Rolling Stone— of all places!– turned out to be the publication that absolutely nailed it: They’ve named TV on the Radio’s Dear Science, as their Album of the Year! RS echoes my own praise for this landmark recording:

The year’s finest rock record was also the one that sounded the most like America in 2008, with infernal visions of war and economic desperation. But amid the fear and loathing, there was defiance: “No bombs are falling on me for sure,” sang Tunde Adebimpe; he also called this “the age of miracles/The age of sound.” These Brooklynites greeted the historical moment with awe — and responded with art-rock party music. Call it the audacity of hope. Producer-guitarist Dave Sitek has streamlined and deepened the band’s fusion of doo-wop, punk and soul; there are swooning ballads, wind-whipped funk and even a Tom Petty bite. And then there’s “Lover’s Day,” the greatest hipster booty call ever recorded, in which TVOTR greet millennial terror with the oldest form of transcendence. “Ball so hard, we’ll smash the walls,” shrieks singer-guitarist Kyp Malone. “We could build an engine out of all your rising stars.” On Dear Science, the sky’s the limit.


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2 responses to “A first time for everything…”

  1. Scott S says :

    true, but they also put Mellencamp and Metallica in the top 10…

  2. Josh Hurst says :

    Admittedly, I never bothered to listen to either of those discs, but yes, it does diminish the impact of the RS list somewhat. :-)

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