A Wayne is Gonna Come

My wife and I, flipping through channels a few nights back, happened to catch a glimpse of Wayne Brady hosting the game show Don’t Forget the Lyrics. I was struck by just how disappointing it was to see Brady’s talents going so utterly wasted; I watched him for years on Whose Line is it Anyway?, the show that made him a star, and was always impressed by his skills, both as a comedian and as a singer. Hosting a game show just seems to be beneath someone of such talent. So imagine my surprise to discover– just this morning– that Brady is actually making good on some of his gifts, having recorded a debut LP that’s set to release tomorrow. Here’s a sample.

Okay, so Brady’s obviously a bit smitten with Sam Cooke, but he brings a certain soulfulness to the song– a mixture of reverence for the source material and giddiness at the chance to record it– that sets it apart from a lot of the other adult pop and R&B out there. If the rest of the album is as solid as this, it might just be a respectable first step toward a much-needed second career.


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