Film Break: “Babylon A.D.”

My friend Jeffrey Overstreet has occasionally remarked that, sometimes, a review of a film can be more rewarding– or at least more entertaining– than the movie itself. I hope that holds true for my review of Babylon A.D.— posted this morning at CT Movies– though the bar’s pretty low for this one. Even the movie’s director and star have given this one low marks!

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4 responses to “Film Break: “Babylon A.D.””

  1. Doug Kimball says :

    sad. I wanted this to be good. Any suggestions for those poor slobs that want a sci-fi film like this, story-wise (well, “attempted story”-wise, I guess)? I need me some good sci-fi – I can’t just watch Alien and Bladerunner again and again…

  2. Linda says :

    You have done it again Josh! Great review of a bad movie- What a way with words you have!

  3. Josh Hurst says :


    Doug, have you seen Children of Men? This movie lifts its “plot” rather shamelessly from that one, but Children of Men is actually really, really excellent.

  4. Doug Kimball says :

    I have seen Children of Men – thanks. I concur with your evaluation of it. A good choice/response. Jeff Overstreet’s review got me pumped up for that one before I even saw it, I think.

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