Film Break: “Step Brothers”

Will Ferrell has found the perfect project with Step Brothers— it reunites him with the director who gave him his funniest movie (Adam McKay, Anchorman, it rekindles his volatile chemistry with John C. Reily (Talladega Nights), it gives him a producer (Judd Apatow) who unleashes him to be as silly, as outrageous, and as R-rated as he wants to be, it gives him supporting players (particularly Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen) who don’t allow him to steal the spotlight completely, and it allows him to play a middle-aged, lazy, dimwitted mama’s boy who still lives at home at age 39– the role he was born to play! And so it brings out the best and the worst in him; the film is definitely R-rated, overflowing with non-stop vulgarity and sex and violence and, of course, a bit of male nudity. But it’s also a very frequently brilliant movie, his funniest movie since Anchorman and the most dangerous, edgy and unpredictable comedy he’s ever been allowed to do. He and Reily are at their bawdy, outlandish best here, and the whole movie is a work of inspired silliness.

My full review will be posted at CT Movies on Friday.


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4 responses to “Film Break: “Step Brothers””

  1. Linda says :

    Josh,It doesn’t sound as if there is much redeeming value to this movie . I am assuming that you are going to reccomend it to adults. Why should anyone bother with it?

  2. Josh Hurst says :

    I’m not sure if I’d feel comfortable recommending it to anyone per se, though I do think it’s only fair to acknowledge that, for all its vulgarity, it does show some real craft and inspiration, which is worth celebrating even if the movie as a whole is something most folks are better off avoiding.

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