PSA: Loudon Wainwright III

Given the exceedingly positive experience I had with the Yep Roc Records store last week, I feel obliged to note that another highly-anticipated Yep Roc release– Loudon Wainwright III’s Joe Henry-produced Recovery— is now available for pre-order. Not only do the first 250 customers get an autographed copy, but, if it’s anything like my experience with the Ron Sexsmith album, it’ll arrive well in advance. (Hat tip: David Kennedy)


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2 responses to “PSA: Loudon Wainwright III”

  1. Doug says :

    ok, so Kati mentions that readership and/or comments are down. Well, Doug’s still here!

    Now we know what your good wife thinks of Wanted. What did you think? Worth it? Too nihilistic? Not nihilistic enough? I know what Peter C. thinks – now it’s your turn. What’s the verdict, Josh?

  2. Josh Hurst says :

    Heh– thanks for letting me know you followed me over to the new blog, Doug. I was worried I’d lost you!

    Wanted… well, it’s relentlessly entertaining and, in its own way, fairly inventive, and I agree with PTC about some of the moral issues it raises. I don’t have a problem with the nihilism (or lack thereof?), but I do have a problem with the violence, which struck me as very sensationalist, almost pornographic at times. I’m not really sure yet if I think the virtues outweigh the flaws, but it is, if nothing else, a very memorable and compelling film.

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